Junior Cycle - Geography

Geography is the study of people and their relationships with their environment. It is concerned with helping to develop an understanding of the physical, social and economic processes which shape the environment.

The education of young people today takes place against the background of a world with such characteristics of geographical concern as: Increasingly multi-cultural societies, Sharp social and economic inequalities on a variety of scales, An increasing pace of socio-economic change, and Growing concern over declining environmental quality in many regions

The syllabus is presented in three sections:

  • The Human Habitat – Physical Processes and Change
  • Population, Settlement Patterns and Urbanisation
  • Patterns in Economic Activity

1st Year Earthquake Lesson

In Geography, we are studying earthquakes and plate tectonics. We learned that many countries lie on the borders of plates, and many of the buildings in cities close to plate boundaries have to be carefully built to try to help them withstand an earthquake.

We decided to test ourselves and see if we can build our own buildings that can withstand the shaking of an earthquake. We followed success criteria and we were given only a few supplies, for example we used 6 straws, 4 marshmallows, 1 piece of cardboard, 1 balloon and 1 strip of blue-tac.

We had each drawn our building design at home. We worked in teams of 3 to compare our buildings and to pick the best elements of each in our final design. We were then given a time limit of 20mins to construct our buildings.

We all made amazing buildings, but not all of the buildings were able to withstand the earthquake. We created our own earthquake by shaking a table with the building on it for ten seconds.

It was great fun making the buildings and testing them. Hopefully, we’ll do more like this in the future.

Safa Elourabi, First Year


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