Junior Cycle - French

French is an optional subject which may be chosen alone or with another language to Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert level. Classes are taught mostly in French and there is a strong emphasis on creating a dynamic teaching environment. Students are encouraged to use the target language from the beginning.

Classroom learning is enhanced by the use of iPads and students are made aware of how they can use technology at home to further their learning.

All four skills of language; speaking, listening, reading and writing are worked on and assessed continuously during the six years to Leaving Cert.

In a French lessons students are encouraged to;

  • actively engage in french language activities and tasks, developing the capacity to understand written and spoken language
  • communicate effectively and confidently in the target language in familiar contexts through a range of media
  • develop their capacity to use appropriate structures and vocabulary for the purposes of communication, both written and oral
  • enjoy a language-learning experience that will facilitate and encourage them to continue learning languages in future
  • be reflective and autonomous in their language learning, and become actively involved in monitoring and assessing their progress
  • appreciate their own and other cultures
  • develop skills that they can apply to other areas of study and to their lives.

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