Junior Certificate - Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE)

Junior Certificate - Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE)

The aims of C.S.P.E. Junior Cert Programme is to develop the pupils' personal and social confidence, contribute to their moral development, and prepare them for the responsibilities of citizenship in Ireland. C.S.P.E enables pupils to use their minds well in a changing, complex society. It helps them to understand the rights and responsibilities of the individual in society, and the workings and nature of democracy.

Students will study seven key concepts in C.S.P.E.

  1. Rights and Responsibilities: (Human Rights and the responsibility to safeguard everyone’s rights.) Topics: Children’s rights, prisoners of conscience etc.
  2. Human Dignity: (Every human has right to live their lives with dignity and to be treated with respect) Topics: Homelessness, bullying, refugees. Etc.
  3. Development: (Improvements taking place in local, national or international communities.) Topics: Tackling poverty in Africa, Third World Debt problems, regional development in Ireland.
  4. Democracy: (a form of government, citizens voting to elect people to represent them in government.) Topics: Elections, Dail Eireann and Local government.
  5. Law: (The rules and laws necessary to protect citizens. How laws are made, upheld, and the consequences of breaking the law.) Topics: An Garda Siochana , the courts system, the prison system.
  6. Interdependence: (The way in which we are connected with others in the world.)
  7. Stewardship: (Caring responsibly for our environment and the planet on which we live.) Topics: Recycling, global warming and the ozone layer)

Students will also complete an Action Project.

Action projects have been designed to help students to develop the skills of active citizenship. The key word here is ACTION. An Action Project involves the following steps:

  • students investigate an issue as a class
  • students reflect collectively on what they might do in response to that issue
  • students agree upon an action and carry it out, e.g. carry out a survey, organise a campaign, invite a guest speaker, organise a visit, publish a booklet, etc.
  • students evaluate their action and learning.

Useful Links

Click here to download the CSPE Syllabus

Click here to download the CSPE Factsheet

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